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Libros de Brianna Battista (2 libros)

Quiero ser enfermero (I Want to Be a Nurse)

Libro Quiero ser enfermero (I Want to Be a Nurse)

Hospitals and clinics can be very busy places. Whether you're sick or just need a check-up, the people that work in hospitals and clinics are helping the community every day. What would it be like to work in a doctor's office as a nurse? Readers will follow the nurse throughout his day in the doctor's office. This book features relatable and diverse characters and procedures readers will be familiar with. Full-color illustrations and accessible language makes this book perfect for emerging readers and young listeners.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Libro Cristiano Ronaldo

For soccer fans, the unstoppable Cristiano Ronaldo has become a household name. What goes into the making of such a phenomenal player? What was he like when he was young and still learning? This book takes a close look at one of the greatest soccer players in the world right now. Young readers will love to learn about his jaw-dropping achievements and also learn about what shaped him into a record-breaking athlete. Ronaldo's story will inspire both the curious new soccer fans as well as those already bit by soccer mania.