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Libros de John-roger (2 libros)


Libro Relaciones

Recognizing the challenges people face in their daily relationships, this essential handbook provides practical techniques for breaking gender stereotypes associated with being a mother, father, or single parent. Realistic tools for strengthening and nurturing relationships with spouses, children, and oneself are also offered. Reconociendo los desafíos a los cuales la gente se enfrenta en sus relaciones diarias, este manual esencial provee técnicas prácticas para superar las limitaciones asociadas con papeles tradicionales como ser madre, padre o padre soltero. También se ofrecen...

Un Pensamiento Positivo

Libro Un Pensamiento Positivo

A way to battle negative thinking, this book offers techniques for forming a positive perspective on life. The author explains how to separate opinion from fact and how to discern the difference between a negative reality and negative thinking. The book includes inspiring quotes from people such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Daniel Webster, and George Bernard Shaw, and its format means that it's always available to educate and enlighten, even if it's not being read straight through. Una manera para combatir al pensamiento negativo, este libro ofrece técnicas para formar una perspectiva positiva...