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Diversión y juegos: Convenciones de cómics: División (Fun and Games: Comic Conventions)

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Libro Diversión y juegos: Convenciones de cómics: División (Fun and Games: Comic Conventions)

A trip to Comic-Con becomes an adventure in learning division! Join Zach as he travels to San Diego to attend his very first comic book convention. Along the way, learn about the history of comic books and comic book conventions, and meet the dedicated fans who make Comic-Con one of the most widely attended comic book conventions in the world. This Spanish book combines math and literacy skills, and uses real-life examples of problem solving to teach subject area content. The full-color images, math charts and diagrams, sidebars, and practice problems make learning division relevant and fun. Text features include a table of contents, glossary, and index to increase understanding of math and reading concepts. An in-depth problem-solving section provides additional learning opportunities while challenging students' higher-order thinking skills.

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  • Kristy Stark


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